The Tree and the Labyrinth

On a hill in the harsh Icelandic landscape, in a place that also serves as the schoolyard of a Waldorf school, you will find the Tree and the Labyrinth. The Tree was a commission from the school at a time when the schoolyard was being bordered by planting trees on surrounding slopes. The sculpture is made from scrap iron. It was installed in 1994.

A year after the Tree was installed, the school asked me to find a solution so that the children would not climb the Tree. The Labyrinth encourages both running games and concentration. While focus is shifted towards finding the right path, the Tree still stands at its centre. It was exciting to see how well it worked: the ”dangerous” sculpture could remain since it no longer tempted the children with hazardous games. The Labyrinth is made with black lava stone from the site. It was installed in 1995.