Mushrooms Illuminated and Nymphaea Luminis(gigantea)

This commission is mainly comprised of two groups of sculptures. One is the series ”Mushrooms Illuminated”; eight human-high fiberglass sculptures, which have been given their form based on Aspergillus fumigatus – a fungi that produces the antibiotic called fumigatin. ”Mushrooms Illuminated” are lit from the inside with LED-lighting. The second group of sculptures ”Nymphaea Luminis [gigantea]” is comprised of nine seatable black concrete sculptures in the shape of stylized giant water lily leafs along with three glowing lily buds on tall stalks. When dusk falls, the “buds” light up like a greeting from Victoria Regia – the giant water lily of the Amazon, which opens it´s flowers at night. The entire installation consists of 20 sculptures in Henriksdalsallén in Stockholm, Sweden. The cobblestone pattern of the street, steel details, planting beds, flowers and other plants was shaped in dialog between artist Nikolina Ställborn and architects Anders Jönsson and Birgitta Holmberg (aj-landskap.se).